Samples of adolescent offspring of diabetic mothers ODM and nondiabetic
Samples of adolescent offspring of diabetic mothers (ODM) and nondiabetic mothers (ONM) were taken by N. Cho et al. and evaluated for potential differences in vital measurements, including blood pressure and glucose tolerance. The study was published in the paper "Correlations Between the Intrauterine Metabolic Environment and Blood Pressure in Adolescent Offspring of Diabetic Mothers" (Journal of Pediatrics, Vol. 136, Issue 5, pp. 587-592). A hypothesis test is to be performed to decide whether the mean systolic blood pressure of ODM adolescents exceeds that of ONM adolescents.
a. Identify the variable.
b. Identify the two populations.
c. Determine the null and alternative hypotheses.
d. Classify the hypothesis test as two tailed, left tailed, or right tailed.
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