Question: Sandy Arens SS 123 45 6789 is a Grade 1 Machinist who

Sandy Arens, SS# 123-45-6789, is a Grade 1 Machinist who earns $20 per hour. On Monday, June 24 through Wednesday, June 26, she worked four hours per day on each of Jobs 007 and 2525. On Thursday and Friday of the week, she worked six hours per day on Job 2525 and two hours per day on maintenance. Her supervisor is Pete Kolks, who signs off on all labor time records on Saturday of the week just ended.
1. Prepare a labor time record (LTR 999) for Arens for the week ended June 29, 2016.
2. Compute the amounts of direct labor costs, by job, and indirect labor costs created by Aren’s work for the week.

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