Sassy Cotton Co produces fine cotton fabrics The cotton is
Sassy Cotton Co. produces fine cotton fabrics. The cotton is processed and finished before being shipped out to clothing companies. Material is added in the beginning of processing, and conversion costs are added evenly through-out processing.
At the beginning of July, Sassy had 7,000 units in process that were 100 percent complete as to materials and 40 percent complete as to labor and overhead. The company started 31,000 units into production during the month of July. At the end of July, 6,000 units were in ending Work in Process inventory and were 60 percent complete as to conversion costs. Cost data are as follows:

Beginning work in process:
Direct materials......... $7,500
Direct labor......... 3,400
Manufacturing overhead.... 2,200
Costs added during July:
Direct materials......... $33,160
Direct labor......... 10,484
Manufacturing overhead.... 17,024
Prepare a production cost report for the month of July.

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