Saxonville Sausage company wanted their Italian sausage current
Saxonville Sausage company wanted their Italian sausage, currently branded as Vivio, to participate in this growing market segment and become the number one nationally recognized Italian sausage. Saxonville Sausage produces primarily three brands of sausage: bratwurst, breakfast sausage, and Italian sausage. The information about the company can be found online. The tutor can read about the company online.
Please provide for below questions detail answers and examples for each questions.
1. What are the key issues facing Saxonville Sausage Company when launched national Italian Sausage brand?
2. If you were developing a research design, what behaviors, demographics, and lifestyle components would you include, and why? Was Saxonville’s approach appropriate for the task?
3. How should the chosen product be branded, and why? Saxonville Sausage Company?
4. What might a positioning “ladder” look like for each of the “finalist” Italian sausage positionings? 
5. Which positioning do you recommend, and why?

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