Question: Scores in the first and fourth final rounds for a

Scores in the first and fourth (final) rounds for a sample of 20 golfers who competed in PGA tournaments are shown in the following table (Golfweek, February 14, 2009, and February 28, 2009). Suppose you would like to determine if the mean score for the first round of a PGA Tour event is significantly different than the mean score for the fourth and final round. Does the pressure of playing in the final round cause scores to go up? Or does the increased player concentration cause scores to come down?

a. Use α = .10 to test for a statistically significantly difference between the population means for first-and fourth-round scores. What is the p-value? What is your conclusion?
b. What is the point estimate of the difference between the two population means? For which round is the population mean score lower?
c. What is the margin of error for a 90% confidence interval estimate for the difference between the population means? Could this confidence interval have been used to test the hypothesis in part (a)?Explain.

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