Question: Search the Internet for a nearby company that also has

Search the Internet for a nearby company that also has a website. Arrange an interview for your team with a managerial accountant, a controller, or another accounting/finance officer of the company.

Before your team conducts the interview, answer the following questions:
1. Is this a service, merchandising, or manufacturing company? What is its primary product or service?
2. Is the primary purpose of the company’s website to provide information about the company and its products, to sell online, or to provide financial information for investors?
3. Are parts of the company’s website restricted so that you need password ­authorization to enter? What appears to be the purpose of limiting access?
4. Does the website provide an e- mail link for contacting the company? At the interview, begin by clarifying your team’s answers to Questions 1 through 4, and ask the following additional questions:
5. If the company sells over the Internet, what benefits has the company derived? Did the company perform a cost-benefit analysis before deciding to begin web sales? Or If the company does not sell over the Internet, why not? Has the company performed a cost-benefit analysis and decided not to sell over the web?
6. What is the biggest cost of operating the website?
7. Does the company make any purchases over the Internet? What percentage?
8. How has e-commerce affected the company’s managerial accounting system? Have the managerial accountant’s responsibilities become more or less complex? More or less interesting?
9. Does the company use web-based accounting applications, such as accounts receivable or accounts payable?
10. Does the company use an ERP system? If so, do managers view the system as a success? What have been the benefits? The costs? Your team should summarize your findings in a short paper. Provide any exhibits that enhance your explanation of key items. Provide proper references and a works cited page.

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