Question: Section A provides a list of the results of Allen town s

Section A provides a list of the results of Allen-town’s analysis of its fund balances. Section B provides a list of the possible classifications for reporting the items listed in Section A.
Section A
____1. A special revenue fund has $50,000 on which there are no constraints.
____2. Allentown has set aside $1,000,000 in an emergency reserve fund. According to the town ordinance, funds can only be used from this fund with approval of two-thirds of the town council.
____3. Allentown determined that the General Fund has $22,000 in inventory it should report.
____4. Allentown issued bonds that sold at a premium. At management’s discretion the decision has been made to use the $100,000 premium to retire the debt.
____5. The federal government has provided a grant for emergency housing assistance that can only be used for low income families. Allentown determined $250,000 of the grant funds remained at year-end.
Section B
a. Non-spendable
b. Spendable—Restricted
c. Spendable—Committed
d. Spendable—Assigned
e. Spendable—Unassigned

Using the choices provided in Section B, identify under what fund balance classification Allentown should report each of the dollar amounts listed in Section A.

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