Question: See Exhibit for opening account balances Record the following financial

See Exhibit for opening account balances. Record the following financial transactions for Simonsen Village for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2014. Show the impact of the transactions on the fundamental equation of accounting. Assume that the modified accrual basis is used.
1. Simonsen Village has employees who earned $ 400,000 for the year. At the end of the year, the salaries payable balance was $ 10,000. That $ 200,000 of wages related to general government, $ 140,000 was for education, and $ 60,000 was for the public works, safety, and sanitation department.
2. Inventory was ordered by Simonsen Village. The entire order was received. The bill for the inventory purchase was $ 10,000. By the end of the fiscal year, it had used $ 6,000 of the inventory, but no payment had been made. The purchases method is used. Each of the three departments had used $ 2,000 of inventory. The remaining inventory was all earmarked for education.
3. Simonsen Village’s major source of funds is from real estate taxes. Total tax bills issued were for $ 300,000. Total collections were the $ 20,000 from the previous year’s ending balance in taxes receivable and $ 260,000 of this year’s taxes. Eighty percent of the outstanding balance at year- end is expected to be collected early in the next fiscal year.
4. Simonsen Village is entitled to receive unrestricted grants from the state. During the year, grants in the amount of $ 100,000 were made. The total collections on grants were just $ 20,000. This $ 20,000 consisted of $ 10,000 that the state owed for the previous year and $ 10,000 for the current year’s grant. The state will be paying the balance owed to Simonsen Village within 30 days after the year ends.
5. During the year, Simonsen Village was legally required to transfer $ 60,000 to its debt service fund. A total of $ 70,000 of cash was paid to the debt service fund. In years when the full required transfer is not made, the debt service fund has a receivable (Due from General Fund). If more than the required amount is paid, the debt service fund’s receivable declines.
6. Simonsen Village acquired a new fire truck early in the year for $ 200,000. The fire truck is expected to last 10 years and has no salvage value. It was financed by a long- term note for the full amount.
7. The interest and principal due on Simonsen Village’s debt during the year and paid from the debt service fund were $ 8,000 and $ 30,000, respectively. The interest covers all long- term borrowing by Simonsen Village. The principal relates to the fire truck purchased during the year.

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