Select a type of computer hardware that interests you and write a one-page report on three possible choices of it. Examples include monitors, USB drives, external hard drives, or computer tablets. Your report should include a table similar to the one shown here that includes:
(1) Embedded pictures of your choices,
(2) MAJOR specifications (e.g., storage capacities, pixel sizes, data transfer rates, etc.)
(3) The suggested retail price of each item
(4) The likely “street price” of the item
(5) The name of the vendor that sells the item at the street price.
The major deliverable is a one-page report that includes
(1) The table identified above
(2) An explanation of why you chose to examine the hardware you did
(3) An indication of which particular item you would buy of your three choices.
The example below is for “USB drives as jewelry.”

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