Select the correct response for each of the following 1
Select the correct response for each of the following.
1. Which of the following accounts could be included in an enterprise fund’s statement of net assets?

2. Customers’ meter deposits that cannot be spent for normal operating purposes would most likely be classified as restricted cash in the balance sheet of which fund?
a. Internal service.
b. Private-purpose trust.
c. Agency.
d. Enterprise.
3. Which fund is not an expendable fund?
a. Capital projects.
b. General.
c. Special revenue.
d. Internal service.
4. If a governmental unit established a data processing center to service all agencies within the unit, the center should be accounted for as a(n)
a. Capital projects fund.
b. Internal service fund.
c. Agency fund.
d. Trust fund.
5. Recreational facilities run by a governmental unit and financed on a user-charge basis would be accounted for in which fund?
a. General.
b. Trust.
c. Enterprise.
d. Capital projects.
6. The Underwood Electric Utility Fund, which is an enterprise fund, had the following during its 20X1 fiscal year, ending at December 31, 20X1:
Prepaid insurance paid in December 20X1 ..... $ 43,000
Depreciation for 20X1 .............. 129,000
What amount should be reflected in the fund’s statement of revenues, expenses, and changes in fund net assets for these items?
a. $(43,000).
b. $0.
c. $129,000.
d. $172,000.
7. Which of the following funds of a governmental unit uses the same basis of accounting as an enterprise fund?
a. Special revenue.
b. Internal service.
c. Permanent trust.
d. Capital projects.
8. Fixed assets utilized in a city-owned utility are accounted for in which of the following?

9. Which of the following funds of a governmental unit would account for long-term debt in the fund’s accounts?
a. Special revenue.
b. Capital projects.
c. Internal service.
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