Selected financial information of the City of Ashland, Oregon, is presented in the following table and narrative.
The information is for the year ended June 30, 20X6.

The charges for services were earned by departments associated with the following functions:

Finally, the operating grants were for public safety, $141,500; water, $43,622; and electric, $36,043. The capital grants were for public safety, $299,171, and highways and streets, $202,982.
Transfers from business-type activities to governmental activities of $518,138 were made during the year to subsidize the cost of a major general government capital project.

a. Prepare a schedule to calculate the amount of Net Investment in Capital Assets, for governmental activities and for business-type activities that Ashland should report in its Government-Wide Statement of Net Position at June 30, 20X6. Assume that all bonds payable were issued to finance construction projects.
b. Prepare the Statement of Activities for the City of Ashland, Oregon, for the year ended June 30,20X6.

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