Question: Selecting the Best Two to Four Warehouse Locations for Al s

Selecting the Best Two to Four Warehouse Locations for Al’s Athletics—Mini Case Study.
This hands-on example will give you your first opportunity to further your understanding of the book’s concepts by building and running scenarios within a commercially available software package. You can get details on the software and data files from the book web site. The data file you need is called Al’s End of Chapter This file contains additional information to help you with the case study. You will be asked to create and review a slightly altered version of Al’s Athletics supply chain network, as well as prepare and run scenarios in order to determine the network’s best two, three, and four warehouse locations.
a. What are the locations of the best two, three, and four warehouses selected for Al’s network?
b. For each scenario, what are the average throughputs per warehouse? Which warehouse processes the most demand? Which warehouse processes the least?

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