Question: Self managed work teams and family life Refer to the Quality

Self-managed work teams and family life. Refer to the Quality Management Journal (Summer 1995) study of self-managed work teams (SMWTs), presented in Exercise. Recall that the researchers investigated the connection between SMWT work char acteristics and workers' perceptions of positive spillover into family life. (One group of workers reported positive spillover of work skills to family life, while another group did not report positive work spillover.) The data collected on 114 AT&T employees, saved in the SPILLOVER file, are described in the accompanying table. In Exercise 9.139, you compared the two groups of workers on each characteristic, using the parametric methods of Chapter 9. Reanalyze the data, this time using nonparametrics.
Are the job-related characteristics most highly associated with positive work spillover the same as those identified in Exercise 9.139? Comment on the validity of the para metric and nonparametric results.
Characteristic Variable
Information Flow ...... Use of creative ideas (seven-point scale)
Information Flow...... Utilization of information (seven-point scale)
Decision Making ...... Participation in decisions regarding
personnel matters (seven-point scale)
Job.............. Good use of skills (seven-point scale)
Job ............ Task identity (seven-point scale)
Demographic......... Age (years)
Demographic ......... Education (years)
Demographic ........ Gender (male or female)

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