Serious golfers and golf equipment companies sometimes use golf equipment testing labs to obtain precise information about particular club heads, club shafts, and golf balls. One golfer requested information about the Jazz Fat Cat 5 iron from Golf Laboratories, Inc. The company tested the club by using a robot to hit a Titleist NXT Tour ball six times with a head velocity of 85 miles per hour. The golfer wanted a club that, on average, would hit the ball more than 180 yards at that club speed. The total yards each ball traveled was as follows.
a. At the 5% significance level, do the data provide sufficient evidence to conclude that the club does what the golfer wants? (The sample mean and sample standard deviation of the data are 182.7 yards and 2.7 yards, respectively.)
b. Repeat part (a) for a test at the 1% significance level.

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