Question: Sethi and Seligman 1993 examined the relationship between optimism and

Sethi and Seligman (1993) examined the relationship between optimism and religious conservatism by interviewing over 600 subjects from a variety of religious organizations. We can regress Optimism on three variables dealing with religiosity. These are the influence of religion on their daily lives (RelInf), their involvement with religion (RelInvol), and their degree of religious hope (belief in an after-life) (RelHope). The results are shown as SPSS printout.
Looking at the preceding printout,
(a) Are we looking at a reliable relationship? How can you tell?
(b) What is the degree of relationship between Optimism and the three predictors?
(c) What would most likely change in your answers to (a) and (b) if we had a much smaller number of subjects?

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