Question: Several activities related to different businesses follow a Preparing a purchase

Several activities related to different businesses follow.
(a) Preparing a purchase order
(b) Storing raw materials
(c) Reworking products
(d) Handling customer complaints
(e) Sewing fabric to make clothing
(f) Inspecting quality of purchased material
(g) Matching receiving reports to purchase orders
(h) Ringing up a customer sale on a register
(i) Printing a customer’s airline ticket
(j) Moving products from one area to another
(k) Copying documents in a law office
(l) Inspecting the finished product in a pharmaceutical company
(m) Packing men’s dress shirts in cellophane bags
(n) Designing a new product
(o) Filing paid supplier invoices
(p) Issuing engineering change orders for products
(q) Mixing ingredients to make salad dressing
(r) Assembling product parts
(s) Cleaning up spills
(t) Bagging a 12-pack of soda at the grocery store
Identify which of the listed items are value-added and which are non-value-added from the standpoint of the end customer for the organization performing the task

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