Question: Several business processes are described below Which CMM level best

Several business processes are described below. Which CMM level best characterizes each one?
a. Alastor owns a lawn care business. Each time he mows a client’s lawn, he sets a goal for how long it should take.
b. Big State University was engaged in three building projects simultaneously: an addition to the library, a new parking structure, and upgrades to the student center. Although each project was over budget for both time and money, the university president focused on analyzing the situation for the parking structure only.
c. CHL Corporation’s management team meets monthly to address issues of process improvement and product quality.
d. Christina is a sales representative with clients all over eastern Michigan. At the beginning of each day, she decides which clients she will contact that day and whether she will contact them in person, over the phone, or via e-mail.
e. Hong and Meihua build wooden doghouses based on requests from clients. They frequently disagree about the best way to build each one.
f. Magdy is the vice president of finance at TCH Corporation. At the end of each year, he consults with the president and other vice presidents to determine the corporation’s optimal capital structure. He then compares the optimal structure to the actual one, making recommendations for needed changes.
g. Rodrigo, Miguel, and Ana own a mobile pet grooming service with eight employees. Every quarter, as part of their overall quality improvement plan, they send two employees to a continuing education seminar.
h. Sebastian is a manager at PPK Corporation. The last time he hired a new employee, he asked his favorite current employee if any of her relatives were looking for a job; he then hired one based on that conversation.
i. The payroll manager at BHN Corporation has proposed outsourcing part of the payroll function. In accordance with BHN policy, the manager prepared a flowchart of how the new process would work.
j. When the production manager at STK Corporation suggested converting from a process-costing system to a job-costing system, the vice president of operations asked how the change would affect the amount of inventory available for sale.

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