Several potential problems in the sales collection process are listed below
Several potential problems in the sales/collection process are listed below. Indicate at least two internal controls that would address the problem. For each control you suggest, explain whether it is preventive/detective/corrective in nature. Also identify which of the four purposes of internal control it addresses.
a. A burglar takes cash while the office is closed.
b. A customer is unwilling to pay his bill.
c. A fire destroys inventory in the warehouse.
d. A sales clerk records incorrect items on a customer order.
e. An accounting clerk records cash received on account by debiting cash and accounts receivable.
f. Items ordered are missing from a shipment, although they appear on the packing list.
g. Merchandise is damaged during shipment.
h. Sales and warehouse clerks arrange to ship merchandise to their friends.
i. The cash receipts clerk steals money from incoming mail.
j. The customer invoice is sent before goods are shipped.
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