Several transactions that occurred during December 2016 the first month
Several transactions that occurred during December 2016, the first month of operation for Boynton’s Accounting Services, follow. The company uses the general ledger accounts listed below.

Record the transactions in the general journal (page 1) and post to the appropriate accounts.

Dec.3 James Boynton began business by depositing $20,000 cash into a business checking account.
4 Purchased a computer for $2,400 cash.
5 Purchased furniture and fixtures on account for $6,500.
6 Purchased office equipment for $2,150 cash.
10 Rendered services to client and sent bill for $2,600.
11 Purchased office supplies for $950 in cash.
15 Received invoice for furniture purchased on December 5 and paid it.
Analyze: Describe the activity for account 202 during themonth.
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