Question: Sheila Johnson a state procurement manager is responsible for monitoring

Sheila Johnson, a state procurement manager, is responsible for monitoring the integrity of a wide range of products purchased by state agencies. She is currently examining a sample of paint containers recently received from a long-time supplier. According to the supplier, the process by which the cans are filled involves a small amount of variation from one can to the next, and the standard deviation is 0.25 fluid ounces. The 40 cans in Sheila’s sample were examined to determine how much paint they contained, and the results (in fluid ounces) are listed in data file XR09023. Using the mean for this sample, and assuming that the population standard deviation is 0.25 fluid ounces, construct the 90% confidence interval for the population mean volume for the cans of paint provided by the supplier. If the labels on the paint cans say the mean content for such containers is 100.0 fluid ounces, would your confidence interval tend to support this possibility?

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