Sheryl Adkins Green couldn t ask for a better assignment As the
Sheryl Adkins-Green couldn’t ask for a better assignment. As the newly appointed vice president of brand development at Mary Kay, Inc., she is responsible for development of the product portfolio around the world, including global initiatives and products specifically formulated for global markets. She is enthusiastic about her position, noting that, “There is tremendous opportunity for growth. Even in these economic times, women still want to pamper themselves, and to look good is to feel good.” Getting up to speed on her new company and her new position topped her short-term agenda. She was specifically interested in the company’s efforts to date to build the Mary Kay brand in India.

1. What information should be included in a written positioning statement for Mary Kay?
2. How would you draft a formal, written positioning statement for Mary Kay using the information detailed in question 1?
3. Is Mary Kay a global brand? Why or why not?
4. How has Mary Kay, India, focused on the different steps in the customer-based brand equity pyramid described in Figure?

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