Question: Sights and Sounds a manufacturer of high quality televisions and audio

Sights and Sounds, a manufacturer of high-quality televisions and audio equipment for home use, has implemented the following controls as part of managing business risks.
i. Security features on their online shopping website to prevent unauthorized access to customer credit card information.
ii. Inspection of raw materials purchased from suppliers to reduce the likelihood of defective or substandard materials being used in production.
iii. A licensing system for the company’s products whereby to be a certified distributor, a retailer must satisfy several requirements related to location (e.g., total population), industry experience, store size, number of salespeople, etc.
iv. Database firewalls that prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information on new products being developed.
v. The use of consumer focus groups to pilot test new advertising campaigns to assess their appeal, clarity of messaging, and impact.
vi. Rigorous testing protocols to ensure all new products are designed to comply with safety regulations before being put into production.
For each item, identify which of the six business functions that make up the value chain the control relates to most directly.

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