Question: Simone Jacobs opened a small tax preparation service At the end

Simone Jacobs opened a small tax-preparation service. At the end of its second year of operation, Jacobs Financial Advisors Service had the following trial balance.

The following information is also available:
a. Office supplies on hand, December 31, 2014, $319
b. Insurance still unexpired, $180
c. Estimated depreciation of office equipment, $870
d. Telephone expense for December, $182; the bill was received but not recorded.
e. The services for all unearned tax fees had been performed by the end of the year.

1. Open T accounts for the accounts in the trial balance plus the following: Office Supplies Expense; Insurance Expense; and Depreciation Expense—Office Equipment. Record the balances shown in the trial balance.
2. Determine the adjusting entries and post them directly to the T accounts.
3. Prepare an adjusted trial balance, an income statement, a statement of owner’s equity, and a balance sheet. The owner made no investments during the period.
4. Why is it not necessary to show the effects of the above transactions on the statement of cashflows?

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