Question: Simulate an exit poll of 100 voters using the Sampling

Simulate an exit poll of 100 voters, using the Sampling Distributions applet on the text CD, assuming that the population proportion is 0.53. Refer to Activity 1 for guidance on using the applet.
a. What sample proportion did you get? Why do you not expect to get exactly 0.53?
b. Simulate this exit poll 10,000 times (set N = 10,000 on the applet menu). Keep the sample size at n = 100 and p = 0.53. Describe the graph of the 10,000 sample proportion values.
c. Use a formula from this section to predict the value of the standard deviation of the sample proportions that you generated in part b.
d. Now change the population proportion to 0.7, keeping the sample size n = 100. Simulate the exit poll 10,000 times. How would you say the results differ from those in part b?

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