Question: Since 1996 Slate com has published the Slate 60 compiled by

Since 1996, has published the Slate 60 (compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy), which is a list of U.S. individuals making the largest charitable contributions each year. The accompanying table gives the names of the top 40 persons in the 2010 Slate 60 and the money they donated (in millions) during that year (
a. Construct a frequency distribution table using the classes 25 to less than 65, 65 to less than 105, 105 to less than 145, and so on.
b. Calculate the relative frequency and percentage for each class.
c. Construct a histogram for the relative frequency distribution of part b.
d. Are there any donation amounts that stand out in the histogram? If so, how do they compare to the rest of the donation amounts?

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