Question: Skip Company produces a product called Lem The standard direct

Skip Company produces a product called Lem. The standard direct material cost to produce one unit of Lem is four quarts of raw material at $ 2.50 per quart. During May 2013, 4,200 quarts of raw material were purchased at a cost of $ 10,080. All the purchased material was used to produce 1,000 units of Lem.
a. Compute the actual cost per quart and the material price variance for May 2013.
b. Assume the same facts except that Skip Company purchased 6,000 quarts of material at the previously calculated cost per quart, but used only 4,200 quarts. Compute the material price variance and material usage variance for May 2013, assuming that Skip identifies variances at the earliest possible time.
c. Prepare the journal entries to record the material price and usage variances calculated in (b).
d. Which managers at Skip Company would most likely assume responsibility for control of the variance computed in requirement (b)?

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