Skordas Company has studied the collection pattern of sales for the past year and management has de-veloped the following collection schedule: 40 percent in the month of sale with a 1 percent discount 30 percent in the month following the sale 15 percent in the second month following the sale 8 percent in the third month following the sale 5 percent in the fourth month following the sale
Actual sales for the past six months are:
Expected sales for the next six months are:
Use a spreadsheet package.
A. Determine the expected cash receipts for July through September.
B. Determine the expected cash discounts for July through September.
C. Determine the expected uncollectible sales for July through December. Assume uncollectible sales are budgeted in the month of sale.
D. Determine the expected ending balance of accounts receivable for July through September. The beginning balance on July 1 is $ 229,607.

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