Slopes Inc manufactures and sells snowboards Slopes manufacture a single
Slopes Inc. manufactures and sells snowboards. Slopes manufacture a single model, the Pipex. In the summer of 2012, Slopes’s accountant gathered the following data to prepare budgets for 2013. These units are standard in the lumber industry. Wage rate = $25/hr.
Materials and Labour Requirements
Direct materials
Wood ............ 5 board-feet per snowboard
Fibreglass ........... 6 yards per snowboard
Direct labour ........ 5 hours per snowboard
Slopes’s CEO expects to sell 1,200 snowboards during 2013 at an estimated retail price of $540 per board. Further, she expects 2013 beginning inventory to be 100 boards and would like to end 2013 with 200 snowboards in stock. The company follows FIFO for inventory flow.
The beginning inventory of wood was purchased at $34 per board foot and fiberglass was purchased at $5.80 per yard. Prices have now risen to $36 per board foot of wood and $6 per yard of fibreglass. Variable manufacturing overhead is allocated at the rate of $8.40 per direct manufacturing labour-hour. Fixed manufacturing overhead costs are budgeted at $78,000 for 2013. Variable marketing costs are allocated at the rate of $300 per sales visit, and the marketing plan calls for 36 sales visits during 2013. Finally, fixed non-manufacturing costs are budgeted at $36,000 for 2013.
Based on the data and projections supplied by Slopes’s managers,
1. Prepare the 2013 revenue budget (in dollars).
2. Prepare the 2013 production budget (in units).
3. Prepare direct materials usage and purchases budgets for 2013.
4. Prepare a direct manufacturing labour budget for 2013.
5. Prepare a manufacturing overhead budget for 2013.
6. What is the budgeted manufacturing overhead rate?
7. What is the budgeted manufacturing overhead cost per output unit?
8. Calculate the cost of a snowboard in finished goods inventory at the end of 2013.
9. Prepare an ending inventory budget for 2013.
10. Prepare a cost of goods sold budget for 2013. (Opening finished goods inventory is $44,976.)
11. Prepare the budgeted income statement for Slopes Inc. for 2013.
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