Smokejumpers West fights forest fires in the western states of the US. The company has developed a regression model to explain the variation in the length of time it takes to get a fire under control. The basic model uses two independent variables: the estimated size of the fire (in acres) when first reported and the time it takes to get crews in position after the initial report. Data for a sample of five recent fires is given in the table:
The analysis produced the estimated regression equation below. (The coefficients have been rounded slightly.) y ˆ = 9.192 + .341x1 + 3.915x2
a. Interpret the coefficients.
b. Use the data above to calculate the missing values in the tables below:
c. Does the sample evidence show a useful linear relationship (at the 5% significance level) between the dependent variable, y, and the independent variables, x1 and x2? Explain.

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