Snappy Tiles is a small distributor of marble tiles Snappy
Snappy Tiles is a small distributor of marble tiles. Snappy identifies its three major activities and cost pools as ordering, receiving and storage, and shipping, and it reports the following details for 2012:

For 2012, Snappy* buys 250,000 marble dies at an average cost of $3 per die and sells them to retailers at an average price of $4 per die. Assume Snappy has no fixed costs and no inventories.
1. Calculate Snappy's operating income for 2012.
2. For 2013, retailers are demanding a 5% discount off the 2012 price. Snappy's suppliers are only willing to give a 4% discount. Snappy expects to sell the same quantity' of marble tiles in 2013 as in 2012. If all other costs and cost-driver information remain the same, calculate Snappy's operating income for 2013.
3. Suppose further that Snappy' decides to make changes in its ordering and receiving-and- storing practices. By placing long-run orders with its key suppliers, Snappy' expects to reduce the number of orders to 200 and the cost per order to $25 per order. By' redesigning the layout of the warehouse and reconfiguring the crates in which the marble tiles are moved, Snappy expects to reduce the number of loads moved to 3,125 and the cost per load moved to $28. Will Snappy achieve its target operating income of $0.30 per tile in 2013? Show your calculations.
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