Solution Inn Escrow Instructions

When the client and freelancer enter into a project, Solution Inn Escrow instructions apply to both parties. Your user digital signature at the time of sign up confirms your acceptance of these Escrow instructions. Solution Inn may revise these Escrow Instructions at any time without giving the users any prior notice.

  • To hire a freelancer, client must deposit money into Solution Inn Escrow Account. Client must pass all the requirements before hiring freelancer.
  • After the completion of Project, Freelancer can request to have the payments released to them from Solution Inn Escrow by creating an invoice.
  • If client is satisfied with the work provided by the freelancer, then client must release funds from Solution Inn Escrow to the freelancer within 7 days.
  • On the other hand, if client is not satisfied with the work, then client can reject the request of freelancer with detailed feedback.
  • If freelancer agrees with client feedback, then freelancer can generate a new or amended invoice after satisfying the needs and requirements of client.
  • If freelancer disagrees with the client feedback, freelancer can raise a dispute against the client.
  • Similarly if client is not satisfied with the work of freelancer, client can ask for refund.
  • The amount charged for add-ons is nonrefundable and so it is not kept in Solution Inn Escrow.
  • The freelancer must not create an invoice to release hiring amount form Solution Inn Escrow.
  • Solution Inn holds money in Escrow based on the user terms and conditions agreed at the time of hiring. Solution Inn is obliged to follow the user instructions and make certain that the funds remain available for users according to the terms and conditions. However, Solution Inn cannot be held responsible for funds in case of any unfavorable conditions and circumstances which are beyond our control.