Question: Some commercial airplanes recirculate approximately 50 of the cabin air

Some commercial airplanes recirculate approximately 50% of the cabin air in order to increase fuel efficiency. The authors of the paper “Aircraft Cabin Air Recirculation and Symptoms of the Common Cold” (Journal of the American Medical Association [2002]: 483– 486) studied 1100 airline passengers who flew from San Francisco to Denver between January and April 1999. Some passengers traveled on airplanes that recirculated air and others traveled on planes that did not recirculate air. Of the 517 passengers who flew on planes that did not recirculate air, 108 reported post-flight respiratory symptoms, while 111 of the 583 passengers on planes that did recirculate air reported such symptoms. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that the proportion of passengers with post-flight respiratory symptoms differs for planes that do and do not recirculate air? Test the appropriate hypotheses using a = .05. You may assume that it is reasonable to regard these two samples as being independently selected and as representative of the two populations of interest.

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