Question: Some common terms associated with bonds follow a Bond certificate

Some common terms associated with bonds follow.
a. Bond certificate
b. Bond issue
c. Bond indenture
d. Unsecured bonds
e. Debenture bonds
f. Secured bonds
g. Term bonds
h. Serial bonds
i. Registered bonds
j. Coupon bonds
k. Callable bonds
l. Convertible bonds m. Face interest rate
n. Market interest rate
o. Effective interest rate
p. Bond premium
q. Bond discount

1. For each of the statements that follow, identify the category above with which it is associated. (If two statements apply, choose the category with which it is most closely associated.)
1. Occurs when bonds are sold at more than face value
2. Rate of interest that will vary depending on economic conditions
3. Bonds that may be exchanged for common stock
4. Bonds that are not registered
5. A bond issue in which all bonds are due on the same date
6. Occurs when bonds are sold at less than face value
7. Rate of interest that will be paid regardless of market conditions
8. Bonds that may be retired at management’s option
9. A document that is evidence of a company’s debt
10. Same as market rate of interest
11. Bonds for which the company knows who owns them
12. A bond issue for which bonds are due at different dates
13. The total value of bonds issued at one time
14. Bonds whose payment involves a pledge of certain assets
15. Same as debenture bonds
16. Contains the terms of the bond issue
17. Bonds issued on the general credit of the company
2. What effect will a decrease in interest rates below the face interest rate and before a bond is issued have on the cash received from the bond issue? What effect will the decrease have on interest expense? What effect will the decrease have on the amount of cash paid for interest?

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