Some researchers have conjectured that stem pitting disease in peach tree
Some researchers have conjectured that stem-pitting disease in peach tree seedlings might be related to the presence or absence of nematodes in the soil. Hence, weed and soil treatment using herbicides might be effective in promoting seedling growth. Researchers conducted an experiment to compare peach tree seedling growth with soil and weeds using with one of three treatments:
A: Control (no herbicide)
B: Herbicide with Nemagone
C: Herbicide without Nemagone
The researchers randomly assigned 6 of the 18 seedlings chosen for the study to each treatment group. They treated soil and weeds in the growing areas for the three groups with the ­appropriate herbicide. At the end of the study period, they recorded the height (in centimeters) for each seedling. Use the following sample data to run an analysis of variance for detecting differences among the seedling heights for the three groups. Use α = .05. Draw your conclusions.
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