Question: Sonia started working for Martin Thomas CPAs in June

Sonia started working for Martin & Thomas, CPAs in June, after her graduation from State University. She attends staff training school and was then assigned to the Young Industries audit. Her first assignment was to recalculate the inventory compilation, using audit test counts and audit unit prices for several hundred inventory items. The time budgeted for this task was 6 hours. She began the work at 12noon and was not finished when the audit team left at 6pm. Since this was her first job and she didn’t want to admit her shortcomings, Sonia took all necessary work papers and documentation home. She started again recalculating at 8pm and also put her husband to work on the recalculation. They finished by 12 midnight. The next morning, she returned to work, put the completed documentation in the file and recorded six hours as actual time spent. Her supervisor was pleased with her diligence to get the job done.

List at least three questions of ethics raised in this situation, one of which deals with future planning for next year’s or similar audits.

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