Question: Sonya Kaminski purchased from Billy Cain s Cornelia dealership a truck

Sonya Kaminski purchased from Billy Cain’s Cornelia dealership a truck that was represented to her to be a 1989 Chevrolet Silverado pickup. However, subsequent incidents involving repair of the truck and its parts, as well as a title history, revealed that the truck was a GMC rather than a Chevrolet. Sales agents at the Cornelia dealership misrepresented the truck’s character and sold the truck to Kaminski as a Chevrolet.
Kaminski filed suit for intentional fraud and deceit under the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act (FBPA) and for breach of express warranty. The jury awarded Kaminski $2,823.70 for breach of express warranty and $50,000 punitive (exemplary) damages. The judge added damages under the FBPA of $10,913.29 in actual damages and $9,295 in attorney fees and court costs. The dealership appealed. Must the dealership pay the damages? Why or why not? [Billy Cain Ford Lincoln Mercury, Inc. v. Kaminski, 496 SE2d 521 (Ga App)]

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