Question: Spitzfire Inc manufactures specially cars and trucks It has

Spitzfire, Inc., manufactures specially cars and trucks. It has just opened a new factory where the C1 car and the T1 truck can both be manufactured. To make either vehicle, processing in the assembly shop and in the paint shop are required. It takes 1/40 of a day and 1/60 of a day to paint a truck of type T1 and a car of type C1 in the paint shop, respectively. It takes 1/50 of a day to assemble either type of vehicle in the assembly shop.
A T1 truck and a C1 car yield profits of $300 and $220, respectively, per vehicle sold.
(a) Define the objective function and constraint equations.
(b) Graph the feasible region.
(c) What is a maximum-profit daily production plan at the new factory?
(d) How much profit will such a plan yield, assuming whatever is produced is sold?

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