Question: Squeezers Juice and Tea Company manufactures juices and chai teas

Squeezers Juice and Tea Company manufactures juices and chai teas that are sold at organic foods stores. Several of its products have been featured in movies because the company’s products are popular with celebrities. The owners and employees value organic products and innovative combinations of juices and teas with outstanding taste. Several employees have found sources of unusual ingredients from organic farmers around the world. The ingredients are more expensive than those used by other juice manufacturers. Although Squeezers cannot set unrealistically high prices, it focuses on high quality. Demand for the company’s products is stable, even though it sets the highest prices for juices in its market.
Recently, the costs of several unusual ingredients increased because of weather conditions.
The owner is concerned that increasing prices any more could reduce demand. She has taken a business workshop and learned about the balanced scorecard. She wants to incorporate a balanced scorecard at Squeezers.

A. Draft a potential mission statement for Squeezers. Explain how you decided what should be included in the statement and how it should be worded.
B. Explain the company’s business strategy and possible core competencies.
C. Identify several strategic objectives for each of the four perspectives.
D. Select two strategic objectives for each of the four perspectives, and identify a potential performance measure for each. Explain your choices.
E. Describe possible methods to collect the data needed for each of the performance measures in part (D). For example, what existing information might be available?
What new record-keeping might be required? Would the company need to develop surveys?

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