Squirt Squad is a cleaning service that sends crews to
Squirt Squad is a cleaning service that sends crews to residential homes on either a once a month or a twice a month schedule, depending on the customer’s preference. The owner would like to predict the amount of time, in minutes, required to clean a house based on the square footage of the house, the total number of rooms in the house, the number of bathrooms it has, and the size of the cleaning crew. Data from randomly selected homes can be found in the Excel file Squirt Squad 1.xlsx.
a. Using PHStat, construct a regression model using all independent variables.
b. Test the significance of each independent variable using α = 0.05.
c. Interpret the p value for each independent variable.
d. Construct a 95% confidence interval for the regression coefficients for the Size of Crew variable and interpret the meaning.
e. Using the results from part d, comment on the significance of the Size of Crew variable.
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