Question: Staff Accounting Bulletin SAB No 108 articulates guidance on applying

Staff Accounting Bulletin (SAB) No. 108 articulates guidance on applying the dual approach to evaluating uncorrected misstatements.
Under the dual approach, a misstatement must be corrected if it is material (using guidelines established in SAB No. 99) under either the rollover method or the iron curtain method. Assume that a liability is overstated by $100 because a $20 misstatement occurred in each year of a five-year period ending in the current period. Also assume that materiality for the income statement is $50 and materiality for the balance sheet is $75.
a. What is the current-year effect of the error under (a) the rollover method and (b) the iron curtain method?
b. What adjustment do you recommend for this year? Explain the rationale for your proposed adjustment.

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