State in which part of an entity s CAFR MD A
State in which part of an entity’s CAFR (MD& A, fund financial statements, notes to the financial statements, required supplementary information, and so forth) you are most likely to find the following information:
1. Description of the government’s accounting policies
2. Ten- year trend in General Fund revenues and expenditures
3. Discussion of why the current year’s tax revenues were greater than (or less than) the previous year’s tax revenues
4. Comparison of the budgeted revenues and expenditures for the General Fund with the actual revenues and expenditures on the budgetary basis of accounting
5. Details of the year’s expenditures for each nonmajor fund
6. Rationale for including component units as part of the reporting entity
7. Current year’s revenues, expenditures, and changes in fund balance for the General Fund

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