State University is playing Tech in their annual football game on Saturday. A sportswriter has scouted each team all season and accumulated the following data: State runs four basic plays—a sweep, a pass, a draw, and an off tackle; Tech uses three basic defenses—a wide tackle, an Oklahoma, and a blitz. The number of yards State will gain for each play against each defense is shown in the following table:

The probability that State will run each of its four plays is shown in the following table:
Play ........ Probability
Sweep ........ .10
Pass ........ .20
Draw ......... .20
Off tackle ...... .50
The probability that Tech will use each of its defenses follows:
Defense ..... Probability
Wide tackle ..... .30
Oklahoma ...... .50
Blitz ........ .20
The sportswriter estimates that State will run 40 plays during the game. The sportswriter believes that if State gains 300 or more yards, it will win; however, if Tech holds State to fewer than 300 yards, it will win. Use simulation to determine which team the sportswriter will predict to win the game.

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