State whether these statements are true or false For any
State whether these statements are true or false. For any false statement, explain why it is false.
1. In the fund financial statements, the General Fund should always be reported as a major fund.
2. In the fund financial statements, a government may elect to report any governmental or Enterprise Fund as major if the government considers financial information on that fund particularly important to statement users.
3. Notes to the financial statements are a form of required supplementary information.
4. When the financial data of a component unit are “blended” with the financial data of a primary government, the blended data are presented in both the fund financial statements and the government- wide statements.
5. In the fund financial statements, Enterprise Funds must be presented using the current financial resources measurement focus and the modified accrual basis of accounting.
6. Fiduciary funds are not reported in the fund financial statements, but instead are aggregated and reported in a single column in the government- wide financial statements.
7. A state government that receives a grant from the federal government to construct a firehouse should report the resource inflow as revenues in the Capital Projects Fund.
8. Net assets are reported as restricted in proprietary funds only if the restrictions are imposed by the entity’s constitution or statute.

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