Question: Stillwater Designs has been rebuilding Model 100 Model 120 and

Stillwater Designs has been rebuilding Model 100, Model 120, and Model 150 Kicker sub-woofers that were returned for warranty action. Customers returning the subwoofers receive a new replacement. The warranty returns are then rebuilt and resold (as seconds). Tent sales are often used to sell the rebuilt speakers. As part of the rebuilding process, the speakers are demagnetized so that metal pieces and shavings can be removed. A demagnetizing (demag) machine is used to achieve this objective. A product design change has made the most recent Model 150 speakers too tall for the demag machine. They no longer fit in the demag machine. Stillwater Designs has two alternatives that it is currently considering. First, a new demag machine can be bought that has a different design, eliminating the fit problem. The cost of this machine is $ 600,000, and it will last five years. Second, Stillwater can keep the current machine and sell the 150 speakers for scrap, using the old demag machine for the Model 100 and 120 speakers only. A rebuilt speaker sells for $ 295 and costs $ 274.65 to rebuild (for materials, labor, and overhead cash outlays). The $ 274.65 outlay includes the annual operating cash effects of the new demag machine. If not rebuilt, the Model 150 speakers can be sold for $ 4 each as scrap. There are 10,000 Model 150 warranty returns per year. Assume that the required rate of return is 10 percent.
1. Determine which alternative is the best for Stillwater Designs by using NPV analysis.
2. Determine which alternative is best for Stillwater Designs by using an IRR analysis. Explain why NPV analysis is a better approach.

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