STL Entertainment is considering the acquisition of a sight seei
STL Entertainment is considering the acquisition of a sight-seeing boat for summer tours along the Mississippi River. The following information is available:
Cost of boat $500,000 
Service life 10 summer seasons 
Disposal value at the end of 10 seasons $100,000 
Capacity per trip 300 passengers 
Fixed operating costs per season (including straight-line depreciation) $160,000 
Variable operating costs per trip $1,000 
Ticket price $5 per passenger
All operating costs, except depreciation, require cash outlays. On the basis of similar operations in other parts of the country, management anticipates that each trip will be sold out and that 120,000 passengers will be carried each season. Ignore income taxes.

By using the net-present-value method, determine whether STL Entertainment should acquire the boat. Assume a 14% desired return on all investments,- round calculations to the nearest dollar.

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