Strickland Co currently charges manufacturing over head costs to products using
Strickland Co. currently charges manufacturing over-head costs to products using machine hours. However, company management believes that the use of ABC would provide more realistic cost estimates and, in turn, give the company an edge in pricing over its competitors. Strickland’s accountant and production manager have provided the following budgeted information for 2014, given a budgeted capacity of 1,000,000 machine hours:

A national construction company approached Pete Lang, the VP of marketing, about a bid for 2,500 doors. Lang asked the cost accountant to prepare a cost estimate for producing the 2,500 doors; he received the following data:
Direct material cost .......... $ 50,000
Direct labor cost ............ $ 150,000
Machine hours ............ 5,000
Direct labor hours .......... 2,500
Electric power—kilowatt hours ...... 500
Work cells— square feet ....... 1,000
Number of material handling moves .... 20
Number of quality control inspections .. 15
Number of setups .......... 6
a. What is the predetermined overhead rate if the traditional measure of machine hours is used?
b. What is the manufacturing cost per door as presently accounted for?
c. What is the manufacturing cost per door under the proposed ABC method?
d. If the two cost systems will result in different cost estimates, which cost accounting system is preferable as a pricing base, and why?
e. If activity-based management were implemented prior to an ABC system, which of the manufacturing overhead costs might be reduced or eliminated?Why?
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