Students in the dormitories of a university in the state of New York live in clusters of four double rooms, called suites. There are 48 suites, with eight students per suite.
a. Describe a cluster sampling procedure for obtaining a sample of 24 dormitory residents.
b. Students typically choose friends from their classes as suitemates. With that in mind, do you think cluster sampling is a good procedure for obtaining a representative sample of dormitory residents? Explain your answer.
c. The university housing office has separate lists of dormitory residents by class level. The number of dormitory residents in each class level is as follows.
Class level Number of dorm residents
Freshman ............ 128
Sophomore ......... 112
Junior ........... 96
Senior ........... 48
Use the table to design a procedure for obtaining a stratified sample of 24 dormitory residents. Use stratified random sampling with proportional allocation.

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