Question: Students like to engage in the Battle of the Sexes

Students like to engage in the “Battle of the Sexes” when it comes to who’s the better driver. But which gender outnumbers the other on the road? The numbers may surprise you. Listed below is the number of licensed male and female drivers in each of 18 randomly selected states.
a. Do the female drivers outnumber the male drivers? Study the table and see if the data seem to support your thoughts. Explain your initial answer.
b. Define the variable “ratio M/F” as the number of licensed male drivers divided by the number of licensed female drivers in each state. Calculate “ratio M/F” for the states in the sample.
c. If a value of the ratio M/F is near 1.0, what does that mean? Greater than 1.0? Less than 1.0? Explain.
d. Construct a histogram.
e. Describe the distribution shown in the histogram found in part d.
f. Calculate the mean value of the ratio M/F.
g. Explain the meaning of values in each of the tails of the histogram.
h. List two states, not on the table above, that you expect to find near each tail of the distribution of M/F. Explain why you believe these states will have high or low ratios.
i. Answer questions d and f using all 51 data values.
j. Compare the results found in part i to those found in parts d and f.
k. How did you do with your answer to part h? Explain.

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