Question: Study Appendix 15 B Use T or F to indicate

Study Appendix 15 B. Use T or F to indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false. For each false statement, explain why it is false.
1. Purchase of inventory on account should be credited to Inventory and debited to Accounts Payable.
2. Increases in asset accounts must always be entered on the right.
3. Increases in stockholders’ equity should always be entered as credits.
4. Decreases in liability accounts should be recorded on the right.
5. Debit entries must always be recorded on the left. Credit entries can be recorded either on the right or on the left.
6. Money borrowed from the bank should be credited to Cash and debited to Notes Payable.
7. Decreases in accounts must be shown on the credit side.
8. Both increases in liabilities and decreases in assets should be entered on the right.
9. Asset credits should be entered on the right and liability credits on the left.
10. Payments on mortgages should be debited to Cash and credited to Mortgages Payable. Mortgages are liabilities.

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