Question: Submit either a one to three page questionnaire or questions for

Submit either a one- to three-page questionnaire or questions for a 20- to 30-minute interview AND the information listed below for the method you choose.
1. Purpose(s), goal(s).
2. Subjects (who, why, how many).
3. How and where to be distributed.
4. Any changes in type size, paper color, etc., from submitted copy.
5. Rationale for order of questions, kinds of questions, wording of questions.
6. References, if building on questionnaires by other authors.
1. Purpose(s), goal(s).
2. Subjects (who, and why).
3. Proposed site, length of interview.
4. Rationale for order of questions, kinds of questions, wording of questions, choice of branching or follow-up questions.
5. References, if building on questions devised by others.
As your instructor directs,
a. Create questions for a survey on one of the following topics:
Survey students on your campus about their knowledge of and interest in the programs and activities sponsored by a student organization.
Survey workers at a company about what they like and dislike about their jobs.
Survey people in your community about their willingness to pay more to buy products using recycled materials and to buy products that are packaged with a minimum of waste.
Survey two groups on a topic that interests you.
b. Create questions for an interview on one of the following topics:
Interview an international student about the forms of greetings and farewells, topics of small talk, forms of politeness, festivals and holidays, meals at home, size of families, and roles of family members in his or her country.
Interview a TV producer about what styles and colors work best for people appearing on TV.
Interview a worker about an ethical dilemma he or she faced on the job, what the worker did and why, and how the company responded.
Interview the owner of a small business about problems the business has, what strategies the owner has already used to increase sales and and profits and how successful these strategies were, and the owner’s attitudes toward possible changes in product line, decor, marketing, hiring, advertising, and money management.
Interview someone who has information you need for a report you’re writing.

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